STEM Learning with KiwiCo

Solomon’s favorite subject in school is science, and he LOVES building things with his hands. I was so excited to learn about the KiwiCo subscription box, as I thought it would be a great way for him to learn new skills and hone his love for tinkering. We gifted Solomon an annual subscription for Christmas, so he’ll get a new box every month!

He was most excited about his Marble Run set for Christmas, so I knew he’d love the KiwiCo box. We worked on his first “project” together, which was the Arcade claw. So much fun, and he really enjoyed it! I love that it allows us to work on something together, helps him follow directions and focus on a task for a certain period of time.

The claw came with a “guide” to make it easier to put each section together. The directions were super easy to follow, and although we had to go back and redo one part, we were able to put it together in less than an hour.

We’re going to collect each of his projects for the year, and put them around his room. So cool that he could even redo this one if he wanted to!

Have you tried KiwiCo? How’d your kiddo like it?

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