Solomon’s 8th Birthday Recap

Outfit details: Shirt | Jeans (similar) | Shoes

This is 8! Solomon Carter turned 8 yesterday, and my mama heart was so full of joy but it’s bittersweet. He’s my first born, and looking back on old photos of when he was a baby made me truly stop and think about all of the moments we’ve had. He was an only child for 5 years, so his time wasn’t shared haha. I still remember the first day I laid eyes on him after my c-section surgery.

Every year is a little emotional, but for some reason this year was a bit more challenging for me. I don’t know if it’s because he’s really blossoming into a young man or just seeing how much he’s overcome through his transition from pre-school to kindergarten and just doing so well in school. I recently shared that he was chosen student of the month for fairness. At the ceremony it was explained that fairness means treating everyone equally.

Solomon has such a huge heart, and I wasn’t surprised that he was chosen. He was more concerned with me making sure I got cupcakes and juice for his class and that I drove safely on the way to school so they wouldn’t get messed up before his friends could partake haha.

On his birthday wishlist from his mom and dad was:

  • boots
  • clock
  • new markers for his white board
  • cupcakes for his class
  • new socks

It makes me so proud to see him truly care for others, and love on them.

So it’s a day late on here, but I made sure to tell him how much I love and appreciate him yesterday. He also had his winter program at school last night, and sang his heart out to Let it Go! We went to his favorite pizza spot, Mellow Mushroom and he was showered with new toys, clothes and money. An older man at the restaurant saw us singing Happy Birthday, came over and handed him a $5 bill!

Being a mompreneur makes me so thankful to be able to share these moments with my kiddos, and make them feel as special as they are. I hope you’re able to have this with your family too!

Happy Birthday, Solomon Carter Jones. Mommy loves you.

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