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Napping and lounging with DockATot

I received product compliments of DockATot. Opinions are my own.

Being a work at home mom has its challenges, mostly with getting work done while trying to spend quality time with Olivia. I love that I have the flexibility to work from home and keep her here with me—it’s just finding that balance.

When I found about the DockATot I got super excited. I wish I’d discovered it when Olivia was first born, as it can be used as a co-sleeper. It’s a lifesaver!

Before we got the DockATot, Olivia would play in her playpen or crawl around the living room while I worked. Since we currently live in a townhouse, I’d either work downstairs or upstairs in her nursery. She’d play in there or nap in her crib while I sat in the rocking chair and did some work.

Since we both enjoyed being downstairs in the living room (more space to move around, quick access to food, etc.) I was looking for something that she could lounge around or take naps in. Of course, I couldn’t carry her crib downstairs, so now we use the DockATot!

It’s the perfect lounger. I’ll lay it on the floor, and Olivia will play with her toys, sometimes eat snacks or drink her bottle, and take naps in it.

We went with the Grand Dock, which is for toddlers, so she’d have room to grow. But, I totally would have gotten the Deluxe when she was smaller!

I will sometimes catch Solomon lying in it while watching his tv shows haha. It’s so cozy!

Olivia sometimes protests naps (what baby doesn’t?!) but she actually sleeps longer in the DockATot than she does in her crib when she finally gives in!

We have the standard white cover, which is actually due for a wash. I’ve been eyeing some pretty covers to switch it up a bit. Here are some of my fave prints!

Do you have a DockATot for your babe? How do you use it? Co-sleeping? Napping? Lounging?

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  1. Najah wrote:

    I’ve been wanting a dock-a-tot for my son since he outgrew his boppy newborn lounger.Glad to hear Olivia loves it!

    Published 2.15.18
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