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Mamas, aren’t you more aware of time since you had a baby? It just seems to fly by so much faster now that I have two kiddos! I remember the day I went into labor with my son, and now he’s in kindergarten. It just makes me appreciate the small moments, little milestones and daily challenges of motherhood even more.

So thankful I’m able to work from home and be with Olivia. Although it gets super busy, I schedule time between work to give her my undivided attention. It’s so important to let her explore and play on her own. But she also needs her mama to teach her a thing or two!

When I came across JORD Watches, I got super excited! I had been looking for a unique women’s watch, and I’ve found it in this wooden beauty. It also helps me keep track of time between work tasks and playing with Olivia. I do a quick check on my watch throughout the day, to ensure I’m making time for everything on my to-do list.

So, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, mamas! There are also watches for men if you want to gift one to your hubby.

This year’s Valentine’s Day is extra special because Olivia’s birthday is on this day! I wasn’t too sure about the idea of having her on a holiday, but it’s actually pretty sweet that we will get to celebrate her life on a day that represents love. She truly has brought so much love and light into our family.

By the way, I’m running a giveaway with JORD to gift a $100 gift code for a lucky winner! Everyone who enters will receive a 10% off instant coupon code. Click here to enter! Giveaway ends on 2/11.

So, Valentine’s Day is all about love, but it doesn’t just have to be about your significant other. I’m also choosing to celebrate my precious baby girl and my sweet son on this day, because they are my entire world.

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