Life of a Momtog: What’s in My Camera Bag

Life as a professional photographer has been such an amazing ride this past year and a half! I never thought I’d be able to quit my 9-5 to pursue photography full time. It literally keeps me energized every single day, whether I’m working with my clients or snapping photos of the kiddos.

When I first starting taking photos, it was exclusively with Olivia. I was snapping photos on my phone as most moms do, and posting them on Instagram. Soon after, we were collaborating with brands, getting paid gigs and growing our Instagram following! I also appreciated the mom community who helped support and encourage me, and I was able to do the same. I’m so excited to reconnect with some of the mamas and catch up!

Anyway, a year into it, Olivia didn’t really want to pose anymore, and I didn’t want to get frustrated with her for being a baby. She wanted to play without me telling her how to do it for photos haha. But I fell in love with photography, and didn’t want to stop! I decided to open my business locally, and working with fellow bloggers, female entrepreneurs and brands. It’s opened up so many opportunities, but more on that later.

When I first started taking my photography skills seriously, I decided to purchase a beginner’s camera. I researched the best DSLR for beginners, and one of them was the Nikon D3400. I purchased the camera body and kit lenses and the rest was history! I shot a ton of clients on that camera for about 6 months and then upgraded to my current camera and lenses.

Momtog Gear List:

I hope this is helpful! If you’re thinking of starting a photography business, let me know if you’d like more tips!

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