How to Use Presets to Edit Your Brand Photos

When I first start blogging and creating content to build my brand, I had no clue how to create an editing style. I knew how to spot good photography, but didn’t know how to create it.

The more photos I shot and edited and studied those I admired, the more I discovered what style I wanted for my images. So I kept practicing and refining. When my clients started booking me because of my editing style, I knew I was on to something!

After I delivered my clients’ galleries, they started to tell me that they wanted to share more content in real time, but it didn’t match their new brand photos. I remembered how much presets helped me starting out, so I created presets they could use for those in between photos.

What are presets?

Presets are set of edits you make to a photo. Those settings can be created as a preset or template to use on other photos to create a consistent editing style. Presets can also be considered filters, but they’re so much more than that in my opinion!

You can get creative as you want with presets, playing with color tones, exposure and depth.

3 Benefits of Presets

Using presets is more than slapping a filter over your image to hide something. It can:

  • Help you save time editing
  • Help you stand out on social media
  • It elevates your visuals

There are a ton of presets out there, and you can check out my preset packs in my shop! Each pack has 6 presets to choose from.

How to Use Presets on Your Photos

Whether you’re shooting your own images or working with a photographer, presets can be a huge time-saver. If you’re working with a photographer, ask them if they sell presets! You can use them on photos you shoot yourself and create a cohesive visual presence. If they don’t sell them, ask if they can either create one for you or recommend a similar style.

Lightroom is the industry standard for editing professional images. The desktop version is $9.99 with a Creative Cloud subscription, and the mobile app is free! Whether you’re shooting with your phone or a DSLR, there are presets for both.

To use the preset, you download the preset file to your computer or phone and import them in Lightroom. In the mobile app, tap the top three dots and tap “Create Preset.” To import them on desktop, you click on the preset section on the left sidebar in Lightroom and click on the plus sign on the right. The click Import Presets and upload the file that you saved to your computer. The mobile files are labeled with .dng and desktop files are labeled .xmp. I include a full guide to installing presets when you purchase my packs!

Do you use presets? What’s your favorite style?

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