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How to take photos of your child at home with natural light

I take a lot of photos of Olivia at home, and am constantly figuring out the best spots in our home for good natural light. I get super excited when I don’t have to edit a photo too much because of great lighting.

So, how do you take good photos in natural light, even when you don’t have a lot of windows? Follow these steps:

Take photos near a window

This is the easiest way to get direct sunlight without even trying. Take the photos at different angles until you get ideal lighting. I’ve noticed I get the best shot when the sun is shining in from the left or right, and I’m in front of Olivia taking the shot.

Choose the best time of day to get the most sunlight

There’s nothing worse than taking a bunch of grainy photos in low light. Get your camera ready for when the sun is the brightest, and shining a lot of light in the room. Olivia’s nursery is the best spot in the house to take photos because it gets the most light. I do experiment with other areas though.

Leave all of the other lights off in the space to get the most natural light. You don’t want sunlight to compete with lamps and ceiling lights. Also, turn off the flash on your camera.

It’s all about the angle

You want to get out of the way of the direction of the sunlight when taking photos. I would take photos of Olivia in her crib and stand in the way of the sun, which would make the photos look grainy and dark. When I switched the angle from where I was shooting, it changed the quality of lighting dramatically.

The proof is in the edit

A great photo starts with great lighting. But you can enhance it with a little editing. When you’re editing the lighting in a photo, you’re increasing (or decreasing) the exposure. You’ll see this feature in almost every photo editor. Bright photos grab a lot of attention on Instagram, so don’t be afraid to turn up the exposure in your editing. From there, you can play around with the contrast, saturation, white balance and sharpening to get the look you want.

What tips do you have for capturing photos in natural light? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. Crystal wrote:

    She looks soooo perfect and adorable in that last pic! Just made me think how I have fewer sleeping pics of my 10 month old now. But great posts! I take all her monthly pics in natural light and wanted to read this pic to see if I’ve been “following the rules”! So far soo good! I definitely agree about not trying to edit grainy pics from my first few months of experience.

    Published 3.28.18
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