Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers

What’s on your kiddos’ wishlist for Christmas? Gary and I decided to take the kids on a trip to Disney as their gift, and we’ll get them a few toys while we’re there. Growing up, I remembered the experiences we had as a family more than toys. So, we want to do that for our kids this year!

But we know family and friends would still like to load them up with toys and clothes. So, I’m sharing some gift ideas that any toddler would love.

Olivia is almost 3, and her interests are changing. She loves to chit chat, dance, watch her favorite shoes and play games. Of course, I love to dress her up in cute clothes, so there are some ideas in there as well. But you can’t go wrong with a cute pair of pajamas for Christmas morning and the winter nights to come!

She’s also obsessed with her Cuddle + Kind dolls. They’re so soft, and she sleeps with at least one at naptime and bedtime! They also donate some of the proceeds to provide meals for children in need. Love that!

Olivia’s favorite gifts to date are her tent, play kitchen and books! I’ll be sharing gift ideas for a 6-10 year old very soon.

What are you planning to get your little one this year?

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