Holiday Gift Ideas for Age 6-10

We’re about a week away from Christmas! I don’t know about you, but 2019 has flown by.

I recently shared some fun toddler gifts, as I’ve been thinking about what to get Olivia. She mostly needs clothes, as she’s been growing like a weed! My favorite retailer for her clothes is Zara, as the clothes are good quality, the prices are good and they’re roomy so she can wear them over a couple years rather than growing out of them so quickly. In most brands, she’s a size 3-4, but can still wear size 2 in some brands.

Since Solomon’s birthday and Christmas are both in December, we got an early start with him in gifts! I love that he can tell me exactly what he wants and he took it easy on us this year haha.

So, I included some items on his wish list and some items that I thought would be great for a growing boy! Solomon’s really into musical instruments, science and Star Wars. We’re also gifting him a one-year subscription at KiwiCo.

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What are your kiddos in the 6-10 age range into these days? Share in the comments below!

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