Fave Cozy Winter Picks for Moms

Socks|Sweatshirt|Slippers|Throw Blanket|Leopard Sweatshirt|Sweatpants|Beanie|Duster Cardigan|Sleep Mask|Backrest Pillow

Winter has just begun, and although we don’t get much of winter weather in Florida, a girl can dream, right?! I usually keep the temperature in our home at 72, so it feels like winter anyway haha

I love cold weather, as it gives me a reason to get cozy. You can usually find me wearing a soft sweatshirt, leggings or sweatpants, my favorite furry socks at my desk during the day, and wrapped in a throw blanket at night (usually cuddling with the kiddos when they aren’t running around and playing). I’m sharing some of my favorite picks for lounging and working at home:

What are your favorite cozy pieces for winter?

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