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Choosing the best diapers for baby with Aden + Anais

Mamas, what are your must-haves when choosing the right diapers for your babe? Things have changed so much since I had Solomon. Who knew there would be so many options?! I loved Pampers with him, and pretty much used them until he started potty training. I was so sure I’d be sticking with them when Olivia was born!

Well, when I found out one of my favorite brands, Aden + Anais now has a diaper collection, I had to try them! Their swaddles were the first ones I wrapped Olivia in when she was born. This brand is known for their super soft fabrics, so I knew their diapers wouldn’t be any different. They definitely didn’t disappoint!

The diapers are hypoallergenic, so they’re perfect for sensitive skin. Olivia’s skin seemed to always get irritated between diaper changes, and I haven’t seen much of that with these. I’ve never felt a softer diaper! Seriously. My husband Gary was changing Olivia’s diaper the other day, and he said, “Where did you get these fancy diapers? They’re so soft!”

They also come in several prints, which I love! Makes it more fun, and hoping there will be even more prints for spring and summer. We did try Honest diapers, which are popular for the prints. I liked that they’re fragrance free, but I didn’t like that they were a bit crunchy.

Aden + Anais diapers are also competitively priced. I can get a 56-count pack of size 4 diapers for Olivia for $25. The sizes are from size 1-5.

Which diaper brand are you loyal to? Would you be willing to try a new brand?

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  1. Najah wrote:

    I stockpiled a bunch of diapers when I was pregnant. My son leaked out of Pampers and honest was way to rough for us! We ended up going with Huggies little snugglers and they are pretty soft! So curious about these diapers though- would love to give them a try! The prints are adorable.

    Published 2.13.18
  2. Renai wrote:

    Great post, I’ve always wondered if other brands shoes away from creating diapers because of the populareity of huggies and pampers- definitely willing to try ! I’m currently enjoying pampers cruisers (size.3) for my son

    Published 2.13.18
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