Changing our naptime routine with Nested Bean

This post is sponsored by Nested Bean. Opinions are my own.

Mamas, what is your toddler’s nap routine? We were on a good schedule and Olivia just recently switched it up on me! She was taking two, at least 2-hour naps per day, and now I’m lucky if she takes one! Since I work out of the house once or twice a week, she sleeps in the car just fine during our route. But, when she’s home it’s been quite the struggle lol. So, I decided to try something different.

Olivia was napping in her playpen or DockATot downstairs while I worked downstairs in our townhouse. As a family, we use that area to watch tv, play, eat, etc so I think Olivia started to view it as an area of fun! So, I’ve started taking her upstairs to her to room to nap in her crib. So far, so good!

We love a good sleep sack, and I was super excited to try the new Zen Sack by Nested Bean for Olivia’s nap! It’s super soft and is perfect for older babies. I love the padding on the chest that’s designed to mimic my touch when I’m soothing Olivia to sleep.

So, a little about our new routine: I change her diaper, and zip her up in the sleep sack. I turn on my lullabies station on Pandora and let her wind down. She won’t let me lay her down, she likes to do it on her own lol.

Then when I see she’s starting to get really drowsy, I’ll tell her to go ahead and lay down to go to sleep. At this point, she doesn’t really fight me on it, and lays down. She’ll lay in her crib for about 10 minutes while I stand by her crib and sing or talk to her until she falls asleep. She still needs physical contact, so I’ll hold her hand or rub her tummy. Then off to dreamland she goes…

I love watching her sleep, I’m sure you can relate. It’s the only time she really looks like my little baby when she’s not running around and acting like a big girl!

How do you adjust your babe’s nap time when they start protesting?

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