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Celebrating Olivia’s firsts with Carter’s

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Now that Olivia is a one-year-old (tears) I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on all her firsts, and what’s to come. Although this isn’t my first rodeo, mommyhood is so much different with a girl, let alone a second child! This year went by super fast, but I’m so glad we’ve captured the special moments with photos.

I remember buying a lot of Solomon’s clothes from Carter’s, and shopping for Olivia was no different. They’re so affordable, easy to style and there’s something to wear for every occasion–whether it’s naptime, play dates or going out on the town as a family.

I remember the first time Olivia slept in her crib for the first time. Although I had been looking forward to helping her with this milestone, part of me was going to miss her sleeping in her bassinet within arms reach. It only took a few nights to transition, and I remember waking up early in the morning to realize she had slept through the night! Wearing a Carter’s onesie of course. Several nights after that, I’d wake up once or twice (or more) just to make sure she didn’t need me to rock her back to sleep, or assure her that everything was ok. Bittersweet.

Now Olivia’s entering toddlerhood, and I’m not sure how to handle it! We’re having tea parties and chatting on the latest words she’s learned–like “wow” and “pretty” and “Auntie.” She’s pulling herself up on everything, and I just can’t wait to watch her take her first steps–likely wearing something from Carter’s!

If you haven’t heard, Carter’s is holding a February Baby sale 2/20-3/5! Now’s the time to stock up on those spring outfits, Easter outfits and if you’re babe is growing like mine, some new baby basics like onesies and sleep and plays in their current size. And I have a coupon code for you! Click here for 20% off your order.

How are you handling your babe’s first year milestones? Share with me in the comments!

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  1. Renai wrote:

    It’s truly amazing how quickly they grow! Carters has great affordable options, this was a great post !

    I’m currently enjoying my little ones discovery of the world, he loves different textures and exploring them with both his mouth and hands !

    Published 2.27.18
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