5 Days of Lifestyle Content for Your Brand [Free Download]

Coming up with content ideas for your Instagram can be a struggle if you aren’t sure what kind of images you need or what to talk about!

It’s so important especially now, to show up consistently for your audience. When the dust settles, you don’t want your ideal customer to forget you exist and book with your competitor! Use this time to streamline your content strategy, and stay ahead of the game.

I love coming up with ideas for my audience! If you tell me a topic, I can give you at least 5 content ideas to create around it! I love helping you brainstorm ways to share your brand story, provide value to your audience and drive sales in your business!

So, here are 5 days of lifestyle content that you can create right now for your brand. Use these ideas to jumpstart a consistent content strategy, and start writing captions that you can pair with those images with a call to action.

5 Days of Lifestyle Branded Content

Day 1: Self-portrait

This can be a posed image of you against a clean backdrop and a prop or two! You can use this photo for an introduction post, to tell a story about your life or brand, answer a question your audience may have, celebrate a milestone or promote a new product or service

Day 2: Detail shot of your favorite product or business tool

These kind of images make for great stock photos! Take a close up shot of a product you’re loving right now, or a business tool that’s keeping you productive these days, such as your planner. You can use these images to educate your audience, promote a brand you love (and would love to collaborate with!) or tell a story about how it’s helped you

Day 3: Photo of what you’re working on (show your laptop, iPad or phone screen and your fave cup of coffee, tea or drink of choice!) or the finished product

Use these images to share about how you approach your work, your processes or a client testimonial. If you’re sharing the finished product, tell a story about how you got to that point!

Day 4: Another self-portrait of you doing something around the house

Your audience wants to see you in action! Don’t only post a posed portrait. Brainstorm creative ways you can show your personality and work, by sharing a behind the scenes of your life. Sharing this can connect you with your audience and show relatability. Whether it’s working on something in your workspace, reading to your kids or cleaning the kitchen. Use these images to tell a relatable story about work at home life or motherhood.

Day 5: A styled space in your home (it can be a small corner)

Styled spaces are trending on all visual social platforms right now! Show off your interior design skills with photos of a styled space in your home. This is a great way to share a fun home decor find that’s on sale or a new cleaning/organizing technique or even styling tips if that’s your thing!

Pro tip: Write down each day’s topic and brainstorm content ideas that relate to your brand. Trust me, it’ll be fun!

If you use these 5 days of ideas, be sure to tag me on Instagram, so I can show your posts some love!

If you want to save these ideas for future content, you can grab the quick guide below!

Do you have any questions about creating lifestyle content for your brand?

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