3 Ways to keep your crawling baby safe at home

This post is sponsored by Regalo Baby. All opinions are my own.

As a busy WAHM, I’m juggling a work schedule and keeping up with Olivia during the day. She recently started doing the army crawl–you the know…where she crawls around on her belly, pushing her body around with her arms? Yep, that army crawl. But she’s fast! I would put her on the floor with her toys, and start typing away at my laptop. Thirty seconds later, she’d be halfway across the room, picking up the tiniest particle from the floor, ready to pop it her mouth.

I was starting to get worried that she’d get into something dangerous while I was on a work call or if I had to leave the room for a minute or two. Carrying her around didn’t help me stay productive either. So, I put together a short list of ways us mamas can keep our crawling babies safe around the house!

1. Cover those electrical outlets

Babies love to stick their fingers in the outlet, wondering what’s on the other side of the wall that they’re missing out on! You can purchase a huge pack of outlet covers for under $10 and literally cover every socket in your home. Some of them are so tough to pull out of the wall, they’re mom proof!

2. Invest in a play yard

At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a play pen–they take up a lot of room, and some babies don’t like to stay in them. Well, I’m glad I went with the My Play by Regalo Baby! Olivia loves it–she sits in there and plays while I work. I can get so much more done, and now I can schedule quality time with her during the day. She’ll even nap in there sometimes. It’s so roomy, she can still crawl around and have fun. Also, the My Play is super easy to set up and take down while traveling.

3.  Keep dangerous objects out of reach

Olivia loves to grab any object in her reach–I know you mamas can relate! Keep sharp objects, cords, furniture, and liquids or chemicals from their reach. In merely seconds, babies can use their ninja skills to grab something that could harm them. No mom guilt here!

I hope these tips are helpful, and will ease your mind when your babe starts crawling. It’s so special to watch them reach milestones, and we want to keep them in the safest environment possible to grow!

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